How many human rights are there? how relevant are they in the 21st century?

Most people don’t know the answer, and many more rarely truly consider the question. As much as the times we live in are interesting, they are challenging. The world is changing rapidly; automation, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, so many external factors are affecting our lives. Human rights, like the right to privacy, to freedom, to family, and others are being reinterpreted by governments and industries, and not always to the benefit of the people they serve.

We, at AYEKA, want to create awareness. Awareness of the precious human rights we not only innately possess and hold dear, but what we deserve. In today’s world, rife with political strife, economic upheaval, government graft, and climate disasters, the pursuit of happiness, justice and family are sometimes forgotten or even prohibited. Sadly, in more than 70 of 113 UN sanctioned countries, it is reported that fundamental human rights are being eroded.

We, at AYEKA, are making a stand for what we believe in. We want to be part of a world where human rights are respected and flourish. We want to see a better, fairer world for all. We want to pass a world on to the next generation with our heads held high, our dignity preserved and fundamental human rights honored.

We, at AYEKA, join the celebrations of the 70th year of the human rights declaration and the call for renewed exploration and protection of our human rights. Stand with us and stand up for our human rights. Join us as we celebrate the ability for each of us to make a change, to positively impact our world.